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Lexus LX series is a full-size large SUV products, with excellent off-road capabilities and luxurious interior space and world-renowned. In January 1996 the first landing LX North American market, began a luxury SUV of its kind, much media and consumer praise. LX570, not only to enhance the power, luxury, comfort and other aspects of the core elements, but also in intelligent control and safety aspects of the introduction of LEXUS Lexus the most advanced technology and top-level configuration to achieve the same level of product, the highest level for the sport and more function of the car set a new benchmark.
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LEXUS LX570 continues the classic design, and equipped with the world's first four Lexus Active Height Control system and the Adaptive Variable Suspension system, as well as leading the same level of Crawl Control system, coupled with a newly developed 5.7 liter V8 engine, which can meet consumer expectations of luxury SUV's higher, bringing the ultimate owners of unprecedented luxury driving experience. Superior performance

**Lexus LX570
LX570 equipped with a newly developed 5.7-liter V8 engine, maximum power of 270 kW and maximum torque of 530 Nm, giving the LX570 SUV with the level of the most superior dynamic performance. Not only that, carefully tuned engine and a new six-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission system perfectly matched to improve performance and fuel consumption at the same time, significantly reducing emissions.
Lexus LX570 uses the world's first four-wheel Active Height Control (AHC) and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). By AHC, AVS and four wheels suspension together, the vehicle can be taken under real driving conditions to maintain optimal posture and significantly improve vehicle handling performance. High speed, AHC system body can be reduced 20 mm front position, rear position by 15 mm, to reduce the vehicle center of gravity, to ensure high-speed driving stability and ride comfort. In off-road driving conditions, AHC system can automatically position the body rises 50 mm front, 60 mm rear elevated position, so as to enhance the vehicle through capacity.
It is worth mentioning that, LX570 Lexus is also equipped with a new, class-leading automatic climbing control system (CrawlControl). When the vehicle is traveling in the snow, rocks, sand, or steep slopes that require motorists to make fine adjustments to the speed of the road, the system automatically controls the engine speed and power output and braking force to maintain a stable low speed. The system is activated, the driver can concentrate in control of the steering wheel, the use of third gear speed selector switch speed adjustments, without distraction in the control of the accelerator or brake pedal, making control more easily. Moreover, the automatic control system will start climbing Differential lock (Virtuallockingdifferentials), in order to reduce wheelspin and optimize chassis performance.
In addition, Hill-start Assist Control (HAC), can ensure that the vehicle on steep slopes or slippery roads

Lexus LX570 (8 photos) when a smooth start, and effectively avoid skidding or sliding cars, off-road driving more comfortable handling.
To fully guarantee all kinds of road and off-road vehicles driving in the state of stability, LX570 features with many handling and braking control systems. Through electronic brake force distribution (EBD), anti-lock braking system (ABS), Brake Assist (BA), the industry's leading active traction control system (A-TRC), and vehicle stability control system (VSC) and other cutting-edge technology synergies, LX570 both on the road or off-road driving, the driver can provide more robust acceleration, more responsive operation and more confident driving pleasure.
LX570 equipped with a set of comfort and luxury in a top-level security configuration. In addition to leading the industry standard 10 standard airbags, LX570 SUV also built in the same level of the highest standard front seat active head restraints (AFH), when the car hit the tail suffered certain intensity and passenger seatback when the body moves , the headrest is moved forward up to the moment, the headrest of the seat occupant's head to shorten the distance between the effective protection of a passenger's head and neck. Blind spot monitor (located in front grille and front passenger seats outside mirrors), first used in LEXUES Lexus cars in. This feature is specially designed for the urban environment of the road designed (such as garage parking, etc.). By placing the front grille and front passenger seats outside mirrors under the camera, the driver just tap a button on the dashboard, you can view the images on the standard navigation screen, check the blind situation.
In addition, the standard adaptive lighting system (AFS) can effectively increase the exposure area curve, reducing motorists driving at night detour on the degree of fatigue, so that drivers can see the corner of the actual road conditions, and thus have sufficient time to deal with emergency situations, thereby significantly enhancing night driving safety on the detour.
Luxurious comfort
LX570 uses "Yi Jin Yi out" mode, so that motorists can automatically reduce vehicle height, the convenience of passengers out of the vehicle. In the IG-OFF (parking stall) function can automatically reduce lower body (front lower 60 mm, rear 40 mm lower), body height in the starting acceleration is restored to its normal state.
Semi-aniline leather seats complemented by refined sophisticated African Buginga wood interiors, so enjoy every illustrious occupants are respected. Four-zone independent temperature control system, 7.1 MarkLevinson premium audio system and 19 speakers and rear 9 inches VGA LCD composed entertainment system for your present palace-like senses.
Other luxury features include: intelligent keyless start system and smart card key, and press the 40/20/40 ratio of separated electric sliding second-row seats. LX570 is also equipped with heated front ventilated seats, heated second-row seats, and a front center armrest box car refrigerator.
Design concept
LEXUS Lexus LX570 adhering to the classic design L-finesse, outer Yu heroic, intrinsic respected, both charisma and noble.
**Lexus LX570
Design, the front face of the magnificent vehicle headlight design, combined with the side of the waist through the whole car, amplified LX570 of Peng Pai power and calm temperament. Rear lines of the design also significantly heroic atmosphere. Inside, the layout is loose and comfortable highlights Lexus consistent top quality pursuit. LX570 with a capacity of up to 8 passengers and ample luggage storage space ride.
Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager responsible for the Lexus business Mr. Zeng Lintang concluded: "Lexus LX570 is a very smart heavyweight long-distance athlete, it sets the LEXUS Lexus luxury and high-tech equipment in a perfect integration of highway and off-road capability. for those who succeed, the courage to explore the unknown, for the luxurious comfort with unique insight and understanding of the populations beyond imagination jiakong and ride feel. "
According to market research analysis, due to China's vast and varied terrain, so the SUV sport utility vehicle has a wide range of market demand. LX570 was born just to meet the Chinese market for high-end consumers in the luxury sport utility vehicle, comfort, safety, and high adoption of the high standards.
LEXUS Lexus LX570 new market in China, will further enrich the Lexus brand in the Chinese market model types, to provide consumers with more diversity of choice. "Passionate Pursuit of Perfection" is the Lexus brand's core values ​​of excellence, providing the most luxury car service and exceeding customer expectation is Lexus persistent pursuit. The new LX570 LX series is bound to continue the success in the Chinese market and to establish a luxury sport utility vehicle market a new standard.
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