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Autogeek August 2005 Newsletter

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Default Autogeek August 2005 Newsletter

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August 2005
Autogeek's Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to PBMA DETAILS!

We’ve revamped our newsletter to be more informative, more entertaining, and more fun! This new and improved format will still give you the inside track on great Autogeek deals and give-a-ways, but it will also celebrate our passion for the automobile with car care tips, product evaluations, and of course, we’ll give you first dibs on our new merchandise.
I’m your hostess, Jeanette. I’ll be your personal chauffeur as we tour Autogeek to find the best deals and the most innovative new products in the industry. I work hand-in-hand with Max and will bring his expert views directly to you, explaining what works and what
doesn’t, when caring for your vehicle. If you have a specific question, email me at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to recommend a solution right here in DETAILS. Or, email me your own tips that you’d like to share with your fellow detailers. I’ll be happy to get the word out!

In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of exciting news from
Max and the rest of us at PBMA!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Free Gift Offer on AutoGeek!

Can you believe it's August already? This summer has
been a scorcher so far. Temperatures have been hitting above average highs all over the country, from 111 in Arizona to 102 in Chicago. I salute those of you that are still out there detailing every weekend. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

What is it about summertime that makes people lavish a little extra attention on their vehicles? It’s got to be the long afternoons when the sun is just starting to sink low in the sky. It’s hot but it’s nothing a cold drink can’t cure. The light is bouncing off your vehicle just right, and you’re really glad you picked that color. These are the times detailers live for!

To give you even more incentive to get out there,
Max is offering a FREE GIFT starting today through 8/15/05. With every purchase of $100 or more, you
will receive a FREE 16 oz bottle of DP Spray Surface
Shield and 2 plush microfiber towels! This is a $32.85
Value!! Purchase over $100.00 and type DP-GIFT in the customer comments box at checkout to receive your FREE GIFTS.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your paint from the summer sun, and this is just the product to do it. DP Spray Surface Shield packs all the surface
protection and shine of a premium paint sealant into
an easy-to-apply spray formula. It takes just minutes
to apply and provides long-lasting protection from
those intense UV rays. Spray Surface Shield also doubles as a turbo detailer! Spray and wipe to quickly clean and shine your paint. Apply it now and you won’t need to reapply for the rest of the summer! How’s that for protection?

More Info...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
20% Discount Coupon & FREE Shipping
on and

You Pay What We Pay!

By now you’ve seen all the car commercials advertising employee discounts for their customers. Well, we have one thing to say about that - What a great idea!! Max took a cue from the big guys on this one.

From now until August 15, save 20% on all Pinnacle and Wolfgang brand products! Use Coupon Code WP-805 at checkout. You get our employee discount, and you don’t even have to make Max’s coffee! The 20% discount applies to anything labeled Wolfgang or Pinnacle on and

*can not be used on
*not applicable on Buffing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners. Can not be used in conjunction with any other discount offers.

But, that’s not all! As employees of PBMA, we don’t
pay shipping. So, for a limited time, we are extending
this perk to you! Through August 15, we’re offering
FREE SHIPPING on every order on
and No minimum purchase! You can stock up on your favorite Pinnacle and Wolfgang products and we’ll pay the shipping charges! (Offer applies to orders shipped UPS Ground.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
What's The Deal?

Free Stuff on AutoGeek

Receive a FREE foam pad when you purchase
Pinnacle Swirl Remover
Advanced Swirl Remover
Signature Series Wax Kit
Complete Swirl Remover Kit

If you’ve been waiting for a good deal on Pinnacle
Souverän Paste Wax ( ), our finest carnauba wax, the wait is over! Receive a FREE OXO
Feather Tip Wash Brush with every purchase of
Souverän. That’s a $12.95 value absolutely free! Supplies are limited!

Buy DP, get something free!

When you purchase DP Spray
Surface Shield ( ) or DP Premium
Surface Shield ( ), we’ll throw in a FREE Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth! Protect your paint under a high-gloss, polymer barrier with DP’s top of the line paint sealants. The Cobra cloth is the perfect towel for buffing your vehicle to a bright, carnauba-like shine!

If carnauba wax is your preference, we’ve got a
super deal on Max Wax ( ). When you purchase a jar of our newest paste wax, you will also get 3 FREE Poly-Foam Applicators. The pads are perfect for spreading the wax in thin, even coats to achieve the maximum shine!

When you purchase DP Mild Swirl
Eliminator ( ) or DP Super Swirl Eliminator ( ), you will receive
a Wolfgang Low Profile 5.5” Orange Light Cutting Pad
FREE! The slim profile will enhance the swirl removing capabilities of a dual action polisher by lessening the amount of foam between the polisher and the paint. The 5.5” pad also increase maneuverability in tight places. (This pad requires a 5” backing plate.)

So we’ve got the paint covered; what about the
wheels? Purchase DP Wheel Glaze ( ) and you will receive a FREE pair of Microfiber Gloves! The gloves are excellent at removing dust from between wheel spokes or any small space. One size fits all.

Check our Special Values page on Autogeek for more
excellent savings on top quality car care products
and accessories!

More Special Values -

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

This Just In...

DP Kits

Since DP American-Made Car Care Products
were introduced in May, we’ve gotten an incredible
response. If you haven’t tried these high-
performance products yet, here’s a great
opportunity! We’ve recently added five new DP kits
to our lineup. Each one contains an assortment of DP
products plus all the accessories you need to apply
them, all at a special low price. Click on these links
to learn more:

DP Detailer’s Interior Kit ( )

DP Detailer’s Exterior Kit ( )

DP Perfect Finish Kit ( )

DP Max Wax Kit ( )

DP Wheel Kit (

DP Low Profile Foam Pad Kit (including new
5.5” pads!) ( )

EuroTech Smart Foam Pads

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill foam pads. These
are all new pads made of imported German foam and
designed by the experts at Wolfgang. They’re called
Smart Foam because they virtually eliminate some of
the common pitfalls of foam pads, such as heat
build-up and Velcro® separation. Wolfgang
EuroTech Smart Foam Pads ( ), ETS for short, are available in five varieties, each one designed with the user in mind. Whether its swirl removal or the perfect shine you’re after, these pads will deliver!

In addition to 6.5”, 7.5” and 8.5” pads, Wolfgang also
makes EuroTech Low Profile 5.5” pads. These pads
perform the same jobs as the 6.5” pads, but their
slim design provides you with more maneuverability
where you need it. The Low Profile pads are only
available with the Porter Cable 7424 & Wolfgang Low Profile Pad Kit ( )!

Cyclo Dual-
Head Orbital Polisher

This polisher has been around since
1953, but it’s brand new to Autogeek. The Cyclo is the only polisher on the market with two rotating heads! The company patented its design over 50 years ago when the U.S. government approved the Cyclo to polish its military aircraft and missiles. (I would hate to be the
one polishing the missiles!) Since then, the Cyclo has
enjoyed tremendous popularity in detailing circles for
its heavy duty construction and unique design. The
dual heads mimic the motion of hand polishing; only
they move much faster – 3,000 orbits per minute!
There’s nothing else like it! Click here for more on the
Cyclo ( ) and its
accessories ( ).

Also check out the Cyclo Brushes ( ). These brush attachments turn the Cyclo into a high-powered cleaner for carpet, upholstery, tile, and grout.

OXO Good
Grips LiquiSeal® Travel Mugs in Colors

month we introduced the LiquiSeal® Mug ( ) in stainless steel and it was a hit. Now we’ve got the popular mug in three exciting colors: red, gray, and blue. The mugs lock in liquid at the push of a button. No dripping or spilling! You can turn the mug upside down and it will not leak!

Polishin’ Pal Clay Disc

The Polishin’ Pal is the no-mess way to
polish and wax your vehicle. The only thing you can’t do with the Polishin’ Pal is clay, until now! The Wolfgang Polishin’ Pal Clay Disc ( l) allows you to use detailing clay without actually handling the clay bar. The Polishin’ Pal provides even pressure as you clay and you can cover more area at one time. It’s the hands-free way to detail by hand!


You may not have heard of
Sprayway, but your
vehicle probably has. If you’ve ever had your vehicle
professionally detailed, at least one Sprayway
product was probably used. Sprayway makes aerosol
detailing products and professional detailers love
them. They’re quick, convenient, and very cost
effective. Most importantly, they work!

Sprayway Auto Care Instant Shine
( )

Sprayway Auto Body Rubberized Under-
Coating Spray ( )

Sprayway Glass Cleaner ( )

Sprayway Auto Care Velour Shampoo &
Interior Cleaner ( )

Bottle Proportioners

I know, I know. You’re thinking, what is a bottle proportioner and why do I need one? A bottle proportioner is a handy gadget that measures out concentrated products by simply squeezing the bottle. The Pro-Blend ( ) is a cup that screws onto a gallon or 32 oz. ( ) bottle. You can set the amount of product you want by twisting the top of the proportioner until the regulator inside is at the desired level. Squeeze the bottle and the cup will fill to the level you chose. Then simply pour the contents of the cup into another container and dilute with water as directed. It’s a neat way to measure out concentrated cleaners without all the guesswork!

Invisible Glass Pump Spray

Stoner Invisible Glass ( ) has long been one of our favorite glass cleaners, and now its even better! Invisible Glass is now available in a pump spray! This opens Stoner up to a whole new audience. As you may know, federal regulations prohibit the shipping of aerosol products by air, so we haven’t been able to sell this remarkable product outside the continental U.S. In the new pump spray, we can ship Invisible Glass anywhere! More people in more places can now enjoy Invisible Glass!

More New Products -

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Product Spotlight

This is a new feature in our newsletter aimed at
highlighting an innovative or interesting product that
may have flown under your radar. Look for a different
item each month; you might just find exactly what
you never knew you needed!

Tire Check
Valve Caps

We all know how important properly inflated tires are.
They improve fuel efficiency, maintain alignment, and
prolong the life of the tires. But how often do we
actually check our tire pressure? I’ll be honest: I
don’t think about my tires until something goes
wrong. If you’re like me, you need these Tire Check
Valve Caps ( ). They replace your original valve caps and indicate when your tires need air with a little red flag. When your tire pressure drops 2-3 psi (pounds per square inch), the flag pops out. It automatically resets itself when you inflate your tires. With a quick glance, you’ll know without a doubt whether or not your tires need air!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all perusing the streets of Autogeek!

Happy Detailing,


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Contact Information
email: [email protected]
phone: 1-800-869-3011

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