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andywoods 12-07-2012 05:47 PM

Viper Smart Start
My es300h came with the remote start. Having to stand near the car to make it work makes the factory remote useless. My other complaint was the proximity door looks. To have to touch the door handle to lock the car is well dumb. GM proximity locks when you walk away and unlocks when you are close to the car. Solution viper Smart Start. First the remote start works from in the office or house. If that is not enough you can use your cell phone to start the car. (also check status, and locate the car). The other good thing is the car locks and arms when you walk away and unlocks when you approach the car. It went in with a few issues in about 6 hours. To have full functions you have to add the additional module (door lock). I choose not to add the window lock (rolls up the windows closes the sunroof when arming). In conclusion it does work with the 2013 es300h. I got many conflicting opinions on why it would not work. The biggest being the hybrid ignition system would conflict with the auto start.

Work done at Mobile Fantasy in Northridge. If you are local check them out. They have worked out the issues with making it work. (and there are a few, the key for one. Keys Lexus knows the issue and are willing to work with you )

P.S. also add the Prestigious Society..... If you have it you know what I mean.... If not get it. It is the missing piece to make your DVD player truly enjoyable.

Next week the E&G Black Ice Grill. Because it is a hybrid does not mean it can not have style. Lexus started by making a full hybrid not look like a people mover, so lets add to where they left off. Lets see the mods

If one of you installers figures out how to not have to hack the key please post. if for nothing else to let us know it is possible.

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