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mrringtone 07-26-2010 09:17 PM

2002 Lexus es 300 turning off

I hope everyone is well. I would like to know if anyone is having similar issues with there 2002 lexus es 300 turning off while make a sharp left or right turn. I have a felling it might be a dirty throttle body or some other unknow issue. I had a major concern when I was I was in Houston driving and the car just turned off while I was turning the corner, not to mention I was on train tracks and the rails were coming down which is a major concern. I am not driving the car at this time, but I do await a reply.

MasterOfCars 08-20-2010 01:39 AM

I need to know what codes you have stored in the ECU. Autozone can do this for free or you can get a OBDII code reader for as low as $50, but there are too many things that can cause the MIL to come on to just guess. All of the items you mention would bring up a different set of codes that would indicate their malfunction. When he did the knock sensors he may have turned the adjustment lock nuts on the transmission kickdown cable instead of just popping out the rubber mounting grommet.

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